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April 7th 2014

Steroids Add-ons, the friendly edition

Steroids Add-ons

April 3rd 2014

Multiple new native UI features and fixes

iOS Scanner

March 27th 2014

Define minimum and maximum SDK for Android builds

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Building Liff: App Challenge Winner Case Study

I had the pleasure of having a chat with Marc G. Gauthier, one of the co-founders of Liff. Marc, a French native from Paris is an active member of the AppGyver community and has given numerous speeches on Steroids. As a newbie to the ‘quantified-self’ concept, I now have a pretty good understanding of what it is...

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Connecting to a Steroids server when your device doesn't have a camera



7 Days ago:
Tips & Tricks Learned Releasing an Hybrid App Using Steroids.js: by Marc Gauthier

8 Days ago:
Sandbox updated to use Steroids v3.1.8

12 Days ago:
Weekly demos

13 Days ago:
iOS Scanner v3.1.4 released with multiple native UI features and bugfixes!

14 Days ago:
The New Android teaser!

14 Days ago:
AppGyver Sandbox released